MAP Series Adapter Plates

MAP(Modular Adapter Plates)

MAP Series Adapter Plates

Product Description

MAP adapter plates populate Opticonx’s FBC series rack mount and WMP series wall mount patch panels. They follow the LGX type form factor and spacing. MAP’s come in 6, 12, and 24 fiber capacities.

Specification Tables

Parts Numbers

Part Number Adapter Type Adapter Style Color Fiber Capacity
MAPSC6BLU  Singlemode SC  Simplex  Blue  6
MAPST12BGE  Multimode ST  Duplex  Beige  12
MAPST12BLU  Singlemode ST  Duplex  Blue  12
MAPSC12AQA  1Multimode SC  Duplex  Aqua  12
MAPSC12BGE  Multimode SC  Duplex  Beige  12
MAPSC12BLU  Singlemode SC  Duplex  Blue  12
MAPSC12GRN  Singlemode SC APC  Duplex  Green  12
MAPLC12AQA  Multimode LC  Duplex  Aqua  12
MAPLC12BGE  Multimode LC  Duplex  Beige  12
MAPLC12BLU  Singlemode LC  Duplex  Blue  12
MAPLC12GRN  Singlemode LC APC  Duplex  Green  12
MAPLC24AQA  Multimode LC  Quad  Aqua  24
MAPLC24BGE  Multimode LC  Quad  Beige  24
MAPLC24BLU  Singlemode LC  Quad  Blue  24
MAPLC24GRN  Singlemode LC APC  Quad  Green  24
MAPMPO06BLK  MPO  Simplex  Black  72