10G and 40G Transition Harnesses

Product Description

P3Link Xtreme data center harnesses interface MTP® terminated trunks or QSFP+ ports on 40G switches with SFP+ ports on active devices like a SAN Director or 10G Switch. They can be used to created a cross-connect point to help manage multiple moves, adds, and changes (MACs) in your cabling infrastructure. P3Link Xtreme harnesses feature Opticonx low-loss LC uniboot connectors with captive dust caps and our unique pull tab for easy insertion and extraction. They are field configurable straight through or crossed over. Harnesses are available in Low-Loss (LL) and Xtreme Low-Loss (XLL) performance grades.

Bend Insensitive fibers are standard in all P3Link Xtreme harnesses.

Specification Tables

Optical Performance Table

Insertion Loss (dB) OM1 to OM4  OS2
Low-loss(L) Xtreme Low-loss(X) Low-loss(L) Xtreme Low-loss(X) APC
LC  0.25  0.15  0.35  0.25  –
LC APC  –  –  –  0.50
MTP*  0.50  0.35  0.75  0.35  0.35
Throughput loss (dB)  0.75  0.50  1.1  0.60  0.85

*MTP and MTP Elite are registered trademarks of USConec

Part Numbers

10G OM4 Harnesses

  Connector Type Part Number* 
Application Number of Fibers Switch Trunk Jacket Color Wiring Method End A** End B**
Interconnect Method A trunks terminated with 12 fiber MTP to 10G SFP+ switch ports 12 SFP+ (duplex LC) MTP12 Aqua Straight P3XHDB14XMXXXA3 P3XHDB14XMXXXC3
12 SFP+ (duplex LC) MTP12 Magenta Straight P3XHFB14XMXXXA3 P3XHFB14XMXXXC3


40G to 10G OM4 Harnesses

Connector Type
Application Number of Fibers Switch A Switch B Jacket Color Wiring Method Part Number*
Direct connect 40G QSFP+ switch to 10G SFP+ switch 8 SFP+ (duplex LC)  QSFP+ (MTP) Aqua 40G P3XHDB14XMXXXF3
8 SFP+ (duplex LC)  QSFP+ (MTP) Magenta 40G P3XHFB14XMXXXF3

* Replace XXX with length in meters
** Requires different harnesses at each end to complete link

Ordering Information

1 2 3 4 5 6
Select Fiber Type Select Connector Type Select Performance Type Length Designator Overall Length Wiring Method
BC = OM1(orange) 14 = multimode  L = Low-Loss  M = Meters blank = straight
BB = OM2(orange) OM1/OM2/OM3/OM4  X = Xtreme Low-Loss  F = Feet x = pair flipped (LC)
CB = OM3(aqua) 15 = singlemode (blue) A = Method A (MTP)
DB = OM4(aqua) OS2 B = Method B (MTP)
FB = OM4(magenta) 31 = singlemode APC (green) C = Method C (MTP)
AA = OS2 standard  OS2 F = 40G (MTP)
BA = OS2 BI G = 100G (MTP)

BI = Bend Insensitive