Indoor/Outdoor Cables

Opticonx Indoor/Outdoor Micro-Distribution Cables utilize 3.0 mm sub-units of twelve 250µm color-coded buffered optical fibers, surrounded by dielectric strength members and jacket. The sub-units are cabled with additional dielectric strength members and a flame retardant overall jacket. These cables are ideally suited for pre-connectorized MTP® trunk cables but can also be field terminated using Opticonx SPKL series breakout kits. These cables meet the requirements for National Electrical Code (NEC Article 770) and are OFNR and FT-4 listed for riser or general purpose applications. They are also water blocked and can be run outside between buildings.
Features and Benefits
  • Color-coded fibers
  • MTP® compatible 3.0mm design with integral strength members
  • High Density all-dielectric design
  • High Strength to withstand installation pull forces
  • Outdoor water blocked and indoor riser rated (OFNR) for extending beyond 50ft limit.
National Electrical Code (NEC) OFNR, CSA FT-4
UL Listed
Specification Tables
Fiber Performance Specifications for Multimode    
Fiber Performance Code2127*28*29*
Fiber DesignationOM1OM2OM3OM4
Max Attenuation dB/km @ 850/1300nm3.5/1.02.8/1.02.8/1.02.8/1.0
Minimum Bandwidth (OFL) @ 850/1300nm200/500700/5001500/5003500/500
Minimum Bandwidth (EMB) @ 850nmN/A95020004700
1G Transmission distance (meters) @ 850/1300nm500/1000750/6001000/6001040/600
10G Transmission distance (meters) @ 850/1300nm66/300**150/300**300/300**550/300**
40/100G Transmission distance (meters) @ 850/1300nmN/AN/A100150

*Bend Insensitive

**10GBASE-LX4 only

Fiber Performance Specifications for Singlemode  
Fiber Performance Code3337*
Fiber DesignationOS2OS2
Max Attenuation dB/km @ 1310/1550nm0.50/0.500.50/0.50
10G Transmission distance (kilometers) @ 1310/1550nm8080
40/100G Transmission distance (kilometers) @ 1310/1550nm4040

* Bend Insensitive

Part NumberDescription
6600FF-1212 Fiber 250um Micro Distribution, Indoor/Outdoor, Riser Cable
6600FF-2424 Fiber 250um Micro Distribution, Indoor/Outdoor, Riser Cable
6600FF-3636 Fiber 250um Micro Distribution, Indoor/Outdoor, Riser Cable
6600FF-4848 Fiber 250um Micro Distribution, Indoor/Outdoor, Riser Cable
6600FF-7272 Fiber 250um Micro Distribution, Indoor/Outdoor, Riser Cable

Replace “FF” with Fiber Performance Code

Microdistribution Indoor Outdoor Specifications
General Specifications 
ApplicationRiser, General Purpose
Cable Type250 Micron Micro Distribution
Product TypeTrunk/Backbone
Flame RatingRiser (OFNR)
Temperature Range 
Storage-40 - 167F/-40 - 75C
Installation32 - 167F/0 - 75C
Operation-40 - 167F/-40 - 75C
Cable Specifications 
Cable DesignMicro Distribution Water Blocked
Fiber Count2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 24, 36, 48, 72
Fibers per Subunit12
Strength MembersFRP Rod/Aramid Yarn
Outer Jacket MaterialCPE
Outer Jacket Color (Standard)Black
Mechanical Specifications 2 -1224364872
Weightkg/km (lbs./1000ft)35.8 (24)59.6 (40)92 (62)102 (69)118 (79)
Nominal Outer Diametermm (in)6.1 (.240)8.6 (.336)10.6 (.417)10.6 (.417)11.7 (.460)
Max. Tensile Strength, Short TermNewtons (pounds)1603 (360)2227 (500)2227 (500)2227 (500)2762 (600)
Max. Tensile Strength, Long TermNewtons (pounds)490 (110)534 (120)534 (120)534 (120)579 (130)
Min. Bend Radius Installationcm (in)12.05 (4.8)17.0 (6.7)21 (8.2)21 (8.2)23.4 (9.2)
Min. Bend Radius Operationalcm (in)6.0 (24)8.6 (3.4)10.6 (4.2)10.6 (4.2)11.7 (4.6)
Approved Listings(UL)c(UL)
Flame ResistanceOFNR / OFN-FT4
RoHSEU 2011/65/EC
REACHSVHC 12/16/13